6 Best Places To Learn Mobile Application Development (Both Android and iOS)


    Learning new things can boost your career graph exponentially- if done at the right time and from the right place. One thing is for sure that there won’t be any better time to learn mobile app development as the trends are outstanding in support. There are more than 2.8 million applications in Google play store and 2.5 million in Apple app store.

    In this post, we will guide you where to find the best learning materials online for both Android and iOS app development.

    1. Java For Android App Development

    Android apps are based on Java and hence, in order to get things done, one needs to learn java at any cost.

    For beginners, some of the best Java learning materials can be summed into 3 books:

    • Head First Java, 2nd Edition – Extremely reader friendly, Kathy Sierra has really created this masterpiece for Java learners.
    • Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition – A great book to learn and rehearse your java codes with hands-on experience and quizzes.
    • Effective Java (2nd Edition) – A must-read book for every Android developer. This covers in-depth knowledge of app development – from basics to complexities. However, this is not for straight out beginners. I’d advise reading the first 2 books prior purchasing this one.

    2. Official Android App Development Guide

    via Flickr/ JD Hancock

    Official Android development resources should be on your bookmark list. If you are serious about android application development then you need to be a regular reader of these resources by Google Dev.

    They announce all the app updates in these resources by Google Dev official and if you are a regular visitor here, you’d learn about API guides, Android NDK, and many such important topics.

    3. Coursera


    Coursera needs no introduction. Even if you don’t have a prior knowledge of programming, the beginner courses on Coursera will make you a pro in java and android mobile app development.

    Find courses such as Android App Development Specialization, ios app development services, iOS App Development with Swift Specialization and much more by clicking on the links.

    4. Udacity


    Udacity is equally as popular as Coursera and has certification courses which will give you nano-degrees on android app development as well as iOS app development.

    5. Development Center For iOS


    Apple’s free iOS app development center is one of the best places to learn development and become a developer. From beginner’s guides to video tutorials and step by step documentation – there is pretty much nothing which has been spared by them.

    6. Learn From Ben Scheirman of NSScreencast


    NSScreencast is Ben Scheirman’s way of giving the passionate iOS developers weekly treats of short but strong video tutorials. He has been doing these bite-sized videos for 5 years now and all of the videos are power pact tutorials on the practical problems of the iOS app development.

    The video training program offered by NSScreencast is free on trial basis and costs just $18 per month. It is totally worth it.

    What are you waiting for? Get started with the development already!


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