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6 Biggest Plumbing Myths

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You don’t have to be a plumber to realize the importance of understanding how to maintain your plumbing system, being the reason why we bring you the list of biggest plumbing myths. Learning about some of the most spread plumbing myths is quite crucial in this process, and it seems that these false pieces of information simply go from generation to generation, making people believe in them. When you learn these things, you are likely to avoid unnecessary costs and further damage by constantly calling a plumber to fix some minor issues. Many people think that plumbing systems are a very big mystery and they never even try to resolve it, and this article will try to prove it wrong. As a homeowner, you should be ready to solve many things by yourself, but don’t overdo it. When you see that a situation is quite complex, don’t hesitate to call a professional, as some things may be quite complex. But, some other things may be quite easily solved, so brace yourselves and read our list of biggest plumbing myths.  We took some of the ideas from websites such as The Water Works and Rocket Plumbing Now.

  1. Drain myth

Although things are going down, your drain does not necessarily need to be in a good condition, but there are many ways to check it. If you notice that the disposal is actually working more slowly than usual, you should definitely check it out, as clogs may still be stealthily developing in it.

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  1. Water pressure myth

Water pressure is definitely something that you should pay more attention to, as it may be a real problem, rather than just an inconvenience. Differences and variations in water pressure, being sometimes low and sometimes high may show that something is wrong and that it should be corrected.

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  1. Faucet handle myth

Many people believe that the tighter the faucet handle is closed, the better, which is probably one of the biggest plumbing myths. Not just that this is not the truth, but it can also be quite damaging, so you should definitely avoid it, as it can cause pipes to break.

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  1. Plumbers myth

Many people think that all plumbers are the same, being the reason why they don’t think much and pick up the first telephone number when they need one. This is completely wrong, and you should always look for a respected company with good reviews, as they usually hire only professionals with relevant experience.

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  1. Leaky Faucet myth

When you notice your leaky faucet, don’t act like it’s not a big deal, as it actually can be, as leaking faucets may imply a potential underlying problem with your plumbing system. One research in the National Geographic says that leaks contribute to about 14% of your average water use each day, showing that these leaky faucets can actually cost you some a lot of money.

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So, pay more attention to the plumbing system in your house, and don’t ignore any of these things, as some minor flaws may turn out to be some great things, that can cost you a lot of money and nerves.


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