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7 Tips for Renting a Holiday Apartment

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Looking for vacation homes for rent by owner? Finding a short stay apartment that checks all the right boxes can be a challenge if you’re on a budget. It’s probably the most challenging task when you’re traveling and do not want to stay at a hotel. However, with proper planning and being organized you can make the process a lot easier. Below are some tips on getting the perfect holiday apartment.

  1. Comb Through the Site Listing
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You need to go through every detail in the listing. Find out what amenities and facilities are available and what exactly is included in the amount you’re being charged. It’s easy to gloss over the listing and later find out you’re not getting want you thought you paid for. Only use apartment rental sites that give detailed descriptions as opposed to snapshots of the property.

  1. Talk to The Owner
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Avoid booking a property immediately before speaking with the owner. The booking site might look all flashy and professional but may not be representative of how the owner manages the property. Click on the “contact owner” or “enquire button” button. Ask for details about the property and what is included in the package before committing. This way, you will be able to tell well in advance whether you’ll gel with the host.

  1. Request for Photos, Floor Plans, Dimensions, Map Location and Address
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In most cases, the listing site will only have a few photos uploaded. Ask to see more. Find out what size the house is especially if you will be traveling with your whole family and need lots of space. Ask for the address and exact location. Landmarks in the area could help you locate the apartment much faster.

  1. Is There a Lease or Rental Agreement?
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Some short stay rental apartment owners have a very relaxed approach to the onboarding process. They simply hand over the keys when you arrive or leave them in the mailbox. Others are a bit more stringent and will require that you sign a lease or an agreement depending on how long your stay will be. If the owner requires any of these documents, you should request that they sent them to you before you commit so you know what you’re signing up for.

  1. Ask About Housekeeping


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You need to find out beforehand what the housekeeping terms are. When is it done and who foots the bill. In some cases, a cleaning service comes in on the very last day and you’re billed for it while in others they come periodically.

  1. Find Out About the Deposit
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Most holiday rentals require a substantial upfront security deposit. Make sure to factor it into your budget. Seek clarification on the terms under which the security deposit will be returned. For example, the owner might require that the house is cleaned and all rental payments made. Clarifying this from the get-go will prevent arguments when the rental period comes to an end.

  1. Negotiate
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Everything is negotiable. Try to negotiate the deposit and the rent. If the owner is unwilling to budge on the amount, find out if they can throw in an extra day or week at a lower rate. This is a great option especially if you know the property is not booked.


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