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5 Cons of Living in a Loft

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Living in lofts has its advantages, but there are certainly many challenges in this regard. In most of the cases, lofts offer some irregular space, high ceilings, and the possibility to arrange your living the way you want. However, it is not always easy to synchronize or use the right measure of functionality and style that will, at the same time, suit your personal taste. This is definitely the process that takes place, so it’s always useful to look at some inspiring photos that show how others are doing it and get some more ideas. From rustic bathrooms, Scandinavian bedrooms, minimalist styles and modern kitchens, the Internet is full of the examples on how to deal with your loft space! All in all, lofts are distinguished by its attractiveness and specialty, and they are especially appealing for residential areas because they provide great creative possibilities. For people who love unusual apartments, lofts may be an extraordinary challenge. Additionally, they can be perfectly rearranged and equipped. On the other hand, there are many negative sides of living in a loft, and this list will focus precisely on it. Take a look at it and learn something more!

  1. Sounds and Smells Linger

Well, this comes as an obvious disadvantage, especially considering the fact that a loft is one huge space with high ceiling, and, in most cases, without walls to divide different premises. It is why, if you cook, for example, you will have the smell in your bedroom, or if you talk to someone, or if your children make noise, it is definitely hard not to hear it.

  1. Utilities Can Be Expensive

You need to be very aware of the fact that you will have to pay some extra money for your heating bill in the winter and cooling bill in the summer. This is again due to the fact that lofts are usually large spaces with high ceiling, almost impossible to heat during winter or cool during hot days.

  1. These Apartments Aren’t Ideal for Roommates

If you live in a loft, you have to deal with the fact that privacy there is quite limited, being the reason why you cannot live with someone you are not very close to. Actually, you can, if you are a type of a person that doesn’t mind it, but in most cases, people appreciate their privacy and don’t want to share it with people who are not their close friends or family.

  1. Limited storage

You will be ok with the storage in your loft if you are a person with not so many possessions. On the other side, if you own many things and if your closets are full, it will be quite hard to manage at times. On contrary to regular apartments, lofts are not very friendly when it comes to storage.

  1. Not for big families

As we said previously, lofts are not very convenient for sharing with roommates. On the other side, they are also not very convenient for big families, especially families with grown-up children. Everyone needs their own private space, and lofts cannot offer it, in most cases.



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