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How to Build Muscle Fast When Training Outdoors

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Are you trying to gain muscle? If the answer is yes, then you need to get outdoors and strengthen your frame. On the surface, the outdoors seems to be the last place to train when your goal is to build muscle. The reason being that in the absence of training equipment, building muscle appears to be impossible. Below are tips on how to build muscle fast when training outdoors.

  1. Ascending/Descending Push-Ups Bleacher Workout
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Do you live close to a school with a stadium? If so, you can put the bleachers to good use. This exercise begins at the first level of the bleacher seats. Place your hands on the first seat and your feet on the ground. Execute a single push up. Ascend the entire range of steps in this manner – do a single push up with your hands on the seat above and the feet on the seat below. Once you get to the top, reverse the motion by performing a push up on each seat as you descend. Push-ups build up the triceps. Ascending push-ups build the mid and upper chest muscle. Descending push-ups build the lower chest muscles.

  1. Beach Workout
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Working out on the beach is the second way to gain muscle. This can be attributed to one thing – resistance. This pushback is generated by the presence of both sand and water. The shifting of the sand and the waves of the water actively engage the lower part of the body.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, running in the sand increases calf circumference. Seconds sprints back and forth across the beach combine both cardiovascular conditioning and strength movements.

There are dos and don’ts with regard to this sort of workout. For starters, do not perform this workout barefoot. Wear protective footwear to avoid any sort of ankle injury. This workout should be done with as minimal downtime as possible in between exercises. However, if you are fatigued take a break and resume once you are ready to proceed.

  1. Sailing and Rowing
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Sailing is an exercise that works out the entire body. This workout builds up body endurance, flexibility, and coordination.  Add rowing to your exercise regimen and you get to develop the leg and the core muscles. This low impact cardio can result in the burning up of more than 800 calories per hour.

  1. Mountain Biking
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Mountain biking has two distinct advantages. First, it is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Second, it builds awesome legs. As you climb steep terrain, the pressure exerted on the core and leg muscles results in the growth of muscle. Similarly, the descent downwards serves as an interval of recovery. Mountain biking challenges you both at the physical and mental level. Apart from sculpting the body, you also get an adrenaline rush that makes outdoor training much more interesting than cycling at a stationary point.

The above four exercises can be performed outdoors at no cost and in the absence of gym equipment. The target area is the core, upper, and lower body muscles. This is how to build muscle fast when training outdoors.



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