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5 Amazing Benefits of Botox


Due to its successful effect of freezing muscles, Botox was originally developed to treat spasms, more precisely, overactive eye spasms. However, by using Botox for this purpose, doctors saw the opportunity to use it for the treatment of superficial wrinkles because it freezes the face. On the other side, what the beauty industry does today is a terrible forcing of the fact that there is a standard of beauty that we should all aspire to. As a result, more and more people, both men and women, decide to undergo various expensive cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures to achieve the desired look. However, the most common procedure that people undergo is Botox, which is not a scary thing, given the fact that there are no side effects when it comes to this procedure. Still, what most people certainly do not know is that there are many advantages of Botox that are not reflected only in the fact that an outside appearance is improved or brought to perfection. This list will just deal with some incredible benefits of Botox that we have never known before. Let’s have a look.

  1. Chronic migraines

A huge number of people who have strong headaches or migraines have reported that, after undergoing a Botox treatment, they experienced fewer headaches. This is also FDA approved, but doctors also do not exclude the possibility of a placebo effect. Eventually, the most important thing is that it actually helps, so this may be your long-term solution!

  1. Excessive underarm sweating

Underarm sweating can be a very unpleasant thing, especially during hot summer days. No matter what you use, it is always impossible to get rid of that completely. However, doctors noticed that the patients who were treated for facial spasms were sweating less, and this was also FDA approved. Some people also say that they also use Botox to treat overly sweaty hands and feet.

  1. Overactive bladder

One study that was conducted at the University of Chicago said that more than half of women who were treated with Botox reported about three leaks a day, compared with the average of five leaks a day at the start of the study. However, people who overuse Botox tend to have problems with the bladder in terms of completely shutting it down. This was also FDA approved.

  1. Depression 

Believe it or not, some people who undergo Botox treatment report that certain symptoms of depression have been reduced. One small study that was conducted in 2014 including people found that 52% of people who received Botox reported a drop in symptoms of depression, compared with 15% of the people given a placebo. However, this is still not FDA approved.

  1. Abnormal heartbeat

One additional benefit of Botox that is almost unbelievable is the prevention of the abnormal heartbeat patterns after open-heart surgery. However, this was still not FDA approved but is taken into consideration that Botox may help patients with heart issues.



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