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6 Good Reasons to Laugh More Often

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The science has not undoubtedly proven that laughter is truly healing, but each of us knows that it is certainly not harmful. It obviously improves the mood, and therefore the quality of life. If you feel somehow shaken, try to laugh more. Some experts think that laughter could be the best medicine to help us feel better and give us freshness and rest. A good sense of humor, a positive attitude, and support from friends can also contribute to feeling well and overcoming some of the most difficult moments in life. However, in order to laugh more often and to be happy with your smile, you will also need to visit a dentist or orthodontist, to make sure that, in addition to a nice smile you get to have precious teeth. Laughter is one of the oldest forms of expression and means of communication among people, and it has been proven that some animals also laugh. There is also an old saying that couples who laugh together stay together, and this is definitely not a fiction but a truth. American psychologists conducted an interesting “love” research and found that couples who turn to humor in stressful situations better deal with problems and are more satisfied, and their relationships are long-lasting. Let’s look at some of the good reasons to laugh as much as possible.

  1. Burning calories

Scientists at Vanderbilt University in Nashville conducted a small study to measure how much calories are burnt by laughing. It turned out that 10 to 15 minutes of laughter can burn 50 calories. Impressive, right?

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  1. Blood vessels

A study carried out at the University of Maryland found that, while laughing, blood vessels spread and shrink with ease, as opposed to the moments when we are sad or angry when they tend to become circular, which interfere with the normal flow of blood.

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  1. Immune system

Increased stress is associated with a reduced function of the immune system. Some studies have shown that humor can raise the level of antibodies that fight against infections and lift the strength of the immune system’s activity.

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  1. Blood sugar level

One study of people with diabetes dealt with how laughter influences the level of blood sugar. After the meal, the group listened to a boring lecture. The other day they watched a comedy after having the same lunch. After the comedy, all members of the group had a lower blood sugar level than after listening to the lectures.

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  1. Relaxation and sleep

It is interesting to know that people who spend a day in laughter, hanging out with people they love, reading interesting books, or watching comedies tend to fall asleep much easier and to rest properly than people who go through a lot of stress during the day.

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  1. Laughter is the best painkiller

The most important effect of laughter on health is the ability to relieve pain. Numerous studies conducted on people who suffered from pain or discomfort showed that these people did not suffer as much pain while they were laughing.

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There are many reasons to laugh more, and the list brought you some of the most important. In general, if you don’t benefit from laughter, it definitely won’t worsen your situation. So, laugh more and laugh as much as you can!


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