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5 Reasons Not to Move to a Foreign Country

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A desire for independence might appear much before you are ready to move out of your country and start a new life. This desire is quite normal. But, does it mean that, if you want to have more freedom and opportunities, you strictly need to move abroad and get away from home? Perhaps it means, however, there are many reasons why it’s best to be at home, and this list will bring you some of those reasons. Before making such a decision, a person must know whether he or she is ready to move out from their country, leave family and friends, and all memories. It is necessary to consider three important questions to be answered, the first of which is: Why do I want to leave home? The second is certainly: Am I ready? While third is: What is my goal? Only when we have complete answers to all three questions, and when we are aware that moving to a foreign country will give us much more than we have now, only then we should take that step. Perhaps, after reading this text, you realize that it’s still not time and it is the best to stay at home. However, if you are still persistent in your decision, make sure to check out the Movers Winnipeg. But, some of the reasons why you should not move abroad are:

  1. You might lose all your friends

Yes, there is definitely something called “friends for life”, but are you sure you will be the lucky one and preserve your precious friendships from the long distance. Once you move abroad, you get to meet new people at school or at work, and it is likely that you will forget your old ones. And, if you are older, meeting new people is not easy at all.

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  1. Long distance relationships are hard to keep

Similarly like with friends, if you are in a relationship, and you don’t plan to move out with your girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure to be aware of the fact that long distance relationships are hard to keep. Impossible is nothing, are there are certainly cases of couples that succeeded, but there are many couples that did not.

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  1. You will experience trouble fitting in

No matter what people say, fitting in is not easy. If you move to a country with different culture, different customs, different language, you will have so many new things to learn and to get adjusted to. And, you will always be a foreigner to them, no matter how hard you try.

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  1. You will miss everything from home

Seriously, everything. Even some small and irrelevant things, such as that bench where you had your first kiss. People who move abroad tend to romanticize everything back home, and besides missing your friends and family, you will experience some moments of crying without even knowing why.

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  1. You will become a foreigner even at your home

When you leave your home country nothing stops and people continue living their lives and many things change. However, you will not be in pace with all of those changes, and when you come back home, it will be hard to be familiar with everything. You will become too foreign for home, and that is probably one of the worst sides of moving abroad.

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