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5 Biggest Natural Disasters in the World

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Nature has been turning more and more often against the human race in recent decades. As a reason for this, scientists argue that this is all because of the negligence towards the planet Earth and that it has given us the same kind of catastrophes that pertain to millions of lives in the world. Although thanks to modern technologies we can know about their arrival, we are powerless under the rampage of nature fury. Unfortunately, these are disasters of huge proportions, and they affect the environment and temperatures globally, being the reason why we need air conditioning Oshawa more than ever. The latest in a series of disasters that hit the planet in recent years, the Japanese one has raised the public’s question of how human relations with Mother Nature are, and people are scared by the possible scenario of a major nuclear disaster. It is why the governments of many countries have decided to re-examine their views on nuclear energy. We are more and more often faced with the claims that the time periods between disasters and destructive natural disasters are constantly decreasing. Natural disasters arise as a result of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, typhoons, tsunamis. The number of natural disasters has doubled over the past 15 years, and in 2012 it was a record. Scientists claim that the number of natural disasters is likely to double in the next 20 years. Let’s look at what are the biggest natural disasters that the country has ever encountered in history.

  1. Great floods in China

Great floods of the two largest Chinese rivers, Yangtze and Huang Ho (Yellow River) during July and August 1931 took between 2.5 and 4 million lives. However, people did not only die from drowning, but also because of the effects of floods, such as illness and hunger that occurred afterward.

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  1. Earthquake in the Tangshan

The earthquake in the Tangshan province of China in 1976, which had a strength of 7.8 per Richter took 242,000 lives according to official data, but the unofficial one is significantly higher and ranges from about 655,000 dead due to this catastrophe.

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  1. Cyclone Bol in East Pakistan

The cyclone Bol in the East Pakistan, now Bangladesh from 1970 was a devastating cyclone in the delta of the Ganges that caused the death of about half a million people. However, people believe that the number of victims is actually much higher than the official data.

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  1. Earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean

The earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2004, in the Indian Ocean, was a devastating earthquake of magnitude 9.0 per Richter, and it also triggered a tsunami that plagued many countries on the Indian Ocean coasts and took between 225 and 275,000 lives.

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  1. Earthquake in Haiyuan District

The earthquake in the Chinese district of Haiyuan in 1920, with the strength of 7.8 per Richter caused deaths of between 200 and 270,000 thousand people. It is estimated that the official data is even bigger, being the reason why this is one of the biggest natural disasters that has ever happened in history.

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